"Positive outcomes through the power of music"

Parkinson's Group​


Join us for a free 3 weeks Music Therapy group to help support people with ​Parkinson's and their Caregivers.  Techniques will address Speech/Language, Movement/Strength,

Cognitive and Social/Emotional challenges.

Where:  Presbyterian Church of the Covenant (501 S. Mendenhall St. Greensboro)

When: June 4th, 11th, and 18th from 2:00 - 3:00

If interested, please email Allegromusictherapy@gmail.com

Allegro Music Therapy Connections
Small groups for children and adults  both typical and those with special needs use music activities to achieve social, cognitive, motor and communication goals.  
Activities include singing, movement, instrument playing and other forms of creative expression. 
Classes are led by Allegro  Music Therapists 

Allegro Connections  Cultural Arts Center Thursdays  5/10 – 6/28 ______________
5:00 pm - Community Connections (High School and Beyond)________
6:00 – Teen Connections (12-16)_________
Eight week session.  Cost $96

Drop In $12/session

Young Child Allegro Connections After Gateway Wednesdays 4:15 7/11- 8/29   _______________ 
Eight week session. Cost:  $64  $10 per drop in session
Allegro Connections  Cultural Arts Center Thursdays  7/12– 8/30 ______________
4 pm - Play Connections (K through Early Elem) ________
5:00 pm - Community Connections (High School and Beyond)________
6:00 – Teen Connections (12-16)_________
Eight week session.  Cost $96

Traditional and Adapted Lessons for all ages and abilities
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Uke (Studio or in home)
Dates: Ongoing  

Music lessons benefit all ages.  Studies suggest that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning, memory, reasoning ability and general creativity.  Research shows that children who learn to play an instrument develop enhanced cognitive skills.  Music is a great therapeutic and educational tool for adults as well.  Playing an instrument helps the mind remain active and alert, sharpens the memory, promotes wellness, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.
Cost: Call for rates  Contact:  336-681-8104


 Research based group drumming protocol that has demonstrated health benefits.  No musical experience is required to participate and enjoy.  Contact: 336-681-8104  

Dates & Times TBA


Neurologic Music Therapy: Individual sessions to improve functioning or to facilitate changes that contribute to the quality of life based on treatment plan or IEP.  Assessment and documentation provided. Offered at various locations and in home. Contact 336-681-8104 for rates and to schedule.

Services now offered throughout southwest Virginia.  Call 540-632-1722 for pricing and availability.