"Positive outcomes through the power of music"

We design programs to fit your needs.  We know every  client and every facility is different.  Allegro Music Therapy & Education Services offers both private and contractual music therapy and  education services tailored to our varied clients and facilities 

Neurologic Music Therapy​​Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is an advanced form of music therapy that uses research-based techniques to treat the brain using music and rhythm. NMT uses these techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as speech, physical movement, cognition and other conditions of the nervous system.

Individual Music Therapy: One to one sessions to provide improved functioning or facilitate changes that contribute to quality of life based on assessment and treatment plan.

Group Music Therapy:  Large or small group therapy involving clients' active participation to meet individual needs within a group setting. Each client is encouraged and given the opportunity to participate at his/her highest level of functioning.  

Music for Wellness:  Develop your personal music plan to address the challenges life can bring.  

Allegro Connections: Through music making children and adults (both typical and neuro impaired) learn and reinforce self control, listening skills, taking turns, problem solving, anticipating changes and picking up on cues. 

Healthrhythms and Adolescent Healthrhythms: Research based group drumming protocol that has demonstrated health benefits including stress reduction, increased immunity, decreased anxiety and increased self-esteem.

Rhythm Based Music Therapy for Seniors :  These groups are designed for seniors in independent, assisted living, skilled nursing and community based programs. 

Rhythm Based Music Therapy for Persons with Dementia:  Group drumming and percussion activities that benefit this population in many ways including the ability to maintain participation into the late stages of the disease. 

MT plus 3:  Allegro Music Therapists facilitate monthly themed group music therapy sessions at your facility.  You receive additional three session plans including recorded music and reproducible songbook.

Senior Rhythm Connections: Group drumming for well seniors.  While the focus is on fun the benefits include reduced stress, increased immunity opportunity for connections and volunteerism.

Allegro Intergenerational  Music: AIM is an intergenerational program designed to create joyous and easily applied connections between preschoolers and seniors using music and music-related activities.

Traditional and Adapted Lessons: ​ Music instruction for both typical and special needs children and adults.  

Training/Inservice/Consultation:  Learn how music therapy can enhance the quality of life for your client loved one or yourself.  We will assist you in integrating music into your clinical and activity programming.  We will train your staff and volunteers to implement music groups. 

Speakers/Team Building:  ​AMTES provides guest speakers and team building to a variety of organizations.  Our format is experiential based. Colleges,  universities, corporate  and community groups consistently  rate our programs Superior.